I feed off of inspiration from quite a few different sources. My number one addiction: PINTEREST. Seriously I think I have a problem – just the other day my mom and sister were teasing me about how many pins I had in one day. TOUGH COOKIES! :o)

Second, I love watching the show Alaska: The Last Frontier on the Discovery Channel. You can check out their website here. This is an incredibly empowering show making you appreciate the luxuries we have here in the lower 48 and also makes you look at your trash or scraps to use them in more ways than just giving up on them and putting them in the trash. For example, the house we are renting had a new chain-link fence put around the front yard so I was quick to snatch the 2 panels of picket fencing along one side of the yard to take apart and make into a garden fence to keep my dogs (and chickens) out of my tiny seedlings. It will also serve as a way to hang my shade cover in the extremely dry, hot summers we get here.

Third, I have recently found just how helpful YouTube videos are. I have been watching these more and more on our new TV as it has a YouTube app so I can watch them on a large screen and, in cases where they are describing something on the computer, I can watch while getting the walk-through on my computer.

Next, I love blogs. I have found quite a few blogs that have inspired me and this transition that I find myself in now that I have recently celebrated my 28th birthday. I am searching for my place in the world and finding my way around being a homemaker. I love reading blogs and finding what other people have done to be happier or more productive during the day.

Finally, Apps. This is a hard one but I thought it would be worth mentioning. Any time I have something that I am working on that I want a bit more alerts or reminders for, I check on my phone to see if there are any apps that might work well. I generally download four or five, try them out and dwindle them down to one or two or sometimes I hate them all.

Until Next Time



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