New Blogger Tips from a New Blogger

I am obviously new to blogging but I am finding wonderful, useful tips from veteran blogs through Pinterest.

The first post I found immensely helpful was from Blog Brighter. On the specific post she writes about mistakes lifestyle bloggers make when trying to grow their blog….

“The easy way to change that blog post from a “me me me” post to something interesting and sharable is to write it as more of an article. Your weekend recap post becomes “10 Things to Do in San Francisco”. Your baby teething becomes “8 Tips to Sooth Your Teething Baby” – I bet that would kill on Pinterest! It’s all about how you frame it. People love lists and they love buzz words.”

This particular paragraph really stuck with me because I know from reading other blogs that if there is nothing exciting to read about I won’t stick around and YES I do love lists!! :0)

The Mistake Lifestyle Bloggers Make When Trying to Grow Their Blog - Is your blog too personal? Today we discuss  a common mistake bloggers make when trying to grow their blog |

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