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Starting Over

So since I was 16 I have worked a full-time job and either been a full-time wife as well or went to school, or even for a bit, all three. I have been a dreamer all my life and so when my dreams felt crushed at my most recent job I decided it was time to start over.

My jobs started as a receptionist at a veterinary hospital to working in retail or at grocery stores for a while until I decided I was staying where I was at for a while. I then worked at a few veterinary hospitals again, five to be exact with three being sister hospitals in Seattle and two being sister hospitals in California. I worked to transition the hospitals from paper records to digital and everything that went along with that from appointments to inventory to creating documents for doctors to use for their appointments. I loved working in the hospital but it was an incredibly stressful sort of position where the personalities within the business can already be conflicting between receptionists and technicians for example. Receptionists tend to be more personable and prefer the one on one contact with people whereas technicians love the pets to an extent where they are happiest when not working with a client… as terrible as that sounds. They love doing the medicine portion of their job and that is the most important part when you have a doctor that is great at educating the clients. But I digress…. My job was seen as something that no one could see a difference with until it was a drastic change and they were not happy about change – who is when you have up to 35 years of writing your medical records one way and then some 20 something year old comes in and throws a wrench, I get it.

I would love to have a business as a veterinary consultant during those transitions or even to specifically focus on inventory management because (call me crazy) but I love the numbers and trying to figure out where items are “vanishing” to. The problem is, there isn’t much market for it in my immediate area so rather than forcing myself to drive over 100 miles to the Los Angeles area where I could find plenty of work, I have chosen to become a house wife and focus on our little homestead as we call it.

My husband and I are both from small town, he from California and I from Wisconsin followed by Colorado where we met in high school. I have always loved working in a garden with my mom or my grandpa and decided it was high time to quit wasting money at a store on our vegetables we eat most often and try to grow them myself. My husband does go hunting for elk or deer in Colorado every year, it is our primary source of meat and we do not buy any beef from the store. His parents usually raise a hog or two (or seven) every year so we are lucky enough to get fresh pork when we go back about every six months. That means really the only meat I buy at the store is lunch meat or chicken – which I am currently working on reducing those numbers as well.

This blog will be a place for me to post all my crazy ideas that I have and anything we are researching to implement on our lot. I will warn you I am a woman of many hobbies so this will be a place for me to share not only our homestead adventures but also some of my quilting or knitting perhaps.

I would love to hear from anyone that is reading my blog – I’m just starting out so would love for you to follow me or subscribe to my posts.

Take care and talk to you soon!


3 thoughts on “Starting Over

      1. I find myself gravitating towards RPGs and build up strategy games. Homestead is basically the real world equivalent, right?


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