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29 Goals Before 29 Years

So I have been working on my transition from working to be a homemaker and one thing that I am (obviously) having to work on is my spending, staying productive, and of course being happy. I have been reading a lot of blogs the past few days including other homesteading blogs as well as minimalism posts on lifestyle blogs. I have always been the type of person to clean drastically and donate a lot of stuff but then I just re-accumulate so I’ve decided to take on some of the mentality of a minimalist but I want to be a bit more lenient on myself; I am by no means going to become a minimalist to the full extent of the word. Once I accumulate my favorite posts and YouTube videos I will happily share them with you – going to have to go find them all again :o)

So one of the blogs I found that I absolutely LOVE is Erin over at A Welder’s Wife where she posted about her 27 goals for her 27th year.  I found this to be just about brilliant and I’ve decided this is what I’m going to work on until cats and dogs stop falling from the sky.


  1. Declutter and minimize my kitchen and laundry room I’m incredibly happy with how this has gone and will post a before and after for you to see the progress.
  2. Declutter and minimize my bedroom
  3. Declutter and minimize my spare bedroom
  4. Declutter and minimize the dining room (this is more of an extra bedroom that we use as a dining room). I have a bit more in here that I know I want to get rid of but I’m almost there
  5. Declutter and minimize the living room and bathroom
  6. Declutter and minimize the garage
  7. Donate EVERYTHING that I can’t sell. This will actually be pretty hard for me, I started the KonMari progress and ended up with half my single stall garage full of boxes of things to sell or donate, where they have sat for about four months. I need to just take it to goodwill and be done with it. OUCH!
  8. Take on a minimalist lifestyle – what I mean by this one is to reduce the amount of things I go out and buy and try to find ways of using what I already have or go to a thrift store to find what I need for less (if I don’t mind buying second-hand).
  9. Set up a capsule wardrobe – right now I have a mix-matched wardrobe of my style during high school, the style I wish fit my lifestyle, and everything in between. It’s time for me to be a grown up and just decide what I’m going to keep and how I’m going to dress.
  10. Make more food related items myself – canned goods, applesauce, spice mixes, etc.
  11. Make cleaning products myself – stop using the toxic versions that cost so much at the store and stick to ones made myself, for an incredible discount.
  12. Find ways to be paperless – digital farm log or use an app for my planner rather than paper.
    1. I found an app on my kindle that i can use for all of my contacts which is great in case I’m gone and Joe needs to get an address for someone. Super excited!
  13. Be more environmentally conscience – I already use reusable grocery bags to go grocery shopping and keep cloth napkins on hand to minimize the amount of paper towels we use (still kept on hand simply because we have dogs that get sick from time to time) but I want to also switch to 100% cloth pads for that time of month and 100% family cloth for the day to day business. I use both of these options occasionally but get lazy and switch to the disposable versions again.
  14. Increase my garden production – I want to have it bigger and better than last year. Last year was my first attempt at growing in central California and let me just tell you that my plants were BAKED in the 12 hours of sun they got on those 108 degree days. I have a shade cloth and am building a fence around my garden to help support said cloth (as well as keep out pesky critters) so I am sure that the sun won’t be such a problem this year.
  15. Master the art of a composting bin.
  16. Create a water collection system, on a small scale, to collect the bit of rain water that floods our backyard off of the garage’s metal roof.
  17. Ride my bike – we spend entirely too much time driving everywhere and when we’re not driving we are sitting at home watching TV. I want us to be more active specifically by going bike riding at least one day a week but would like to go out one other day a week and go for a good long walk (maybe take our dogs to the lake).
  18. Make a homemade incubator and hatch eggs from it successfully to grow our flock.
  19. Increase our indoor plants. Right now I have one pathos and one Christmas cactus, both of which reside in my kitchen. I’m hoping that by getting more plants it will increase the air quality in our house.
  20. Read 5 fictional books.
  21. Read 3 historical books, preferably non-fiction.
  22. Go hunting with my husband this year. This one will require a lot of conditioning on my part – mainly to ready myself to hike 15 miles.
  23. Learn to play piano, hopefully by teaching myself or by taking online lessons.
  24. Sweet-talk my husband into building a tiny house for us to at least travel in back and forth to Colorado but maybe to live in one day.
  25. Learn to be more optimistic.
  26. Consistently keep up on blog posts through the year.
  27. Set up a better sleep schedule (go to bed by 11 and up by 7).
  28. Reduce my cell phone usage – rely on my kindle for planner apps and only use my phone for calls. I get stuck on that thing so often and it just pulls me in – it’s ridiculous!
  29. Stop drinking soda (I write this as I share a rootbeer with my husband) but I truly want to quit the stuff. Seems like any time I give in and drink one I end up with a headache the following day.

I’ll keep you posted on how well this is going and I’m sure I will have other goals throughout the year, maybe more that are related to our lifestyle instead of our mini homestead but I’m excited to see what comes of this.

Until next time.



3 thoughts on “29 Goals Before 29 Years

  1. I would have never guessed this would have been your pick! But that is exactly why I love this! Your list is eventful. I am excited to see how you will do throughout your year!


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