Minimizing and Zero Waste

The Declutter and Super Purge

In August I got a free 30-day trial of the Amazon Audible and was able to download two books for free as well. Now they didn’t have everything available but one thing that was that I had been wanting to read anyways was Spark Joy by Marie Kondo. In this book she talks about how important it is to de-clutter your home and really look at every item and determine if it brings you joy or is something you must use on a daily basis. What she means by this is that if you have five sets of sheets but only one bed in your home, there is no reason you need to have all of those; downsize to two sets, or even better one!


After reading this book I went like the Tasmanian Devil through my house and started going through my house in the order she recommends. I won’t go into all of the details because there is a lot to it – you take out all of your clothes, put them on your bed or in your living room and try stuff on, see what you still like, see what still fits, ditch anything ripped or broken that you are not going to fix in the next couple days, and not fitting you and not something you are going to wear NOW. She says it’s important not to keep items that are too small, for example your skinny jeans that are your goal pants because every time you look at them they bring you disappointment if only a small amount – and that adds up through the day. There is also a very important point to not buy anything until the last one you have is gone for things like shampoo, dishwasher detergent, pens and highlighters, things like that. There are so many wonderful tips in this book it was inspiring.

So inspiring that…. well…. I went kind of crazy. And then I went through everything that remained and this is the pile I came up with to toss. YIKES!


Sorry it’s blurry! Note: I am NOT selling my little wagon, that baby is waiting to be worked on


Yes I really do have half a single car garage full of stuff, and yes mom I’m saying stuff rather than the “other” word. ha! I have already taken about half of my books and one third of my dvds and all of my cds to a local bookstore that purchases and and sells used books. They of course were not about to give me full value for any of these items but the fact that I could get rid of all of them at once and get them out of my house was more important to me.

I also found a store that will buy all sorts of baby items used and resells them so everything I had accumulated for possible foster babies is going away. I know someday this will happen but in the meantime I see a crib in the garage every time I go in there and get bummed out – NO MORE! Nothing but happy days from here on!

Joe and I have decided to take everything else to the swap meet one of these weekends and sell what we can for whatever we can and whatever doesn’t sell will go directly to Goodwill and be donated. I am incredibly excited to do this so that it will be gone and give us so much more room in our house and especially our garage.

One point I do want to make is that a lot of these things were items that have been sitting in boxes for upwards of five years. When we moved to California from Colorado it was a sudden move and happened two weeks after we were given the opportunity. Everything was thrown into boxes (literally) and brought out here without purging out any duplicate or unnecessary items.

Have you done a de-clutter in your home? I would love to hear your stories and see any pictures you might have to share. More soon, I’m trying to get on a schedule for posting and will let you know exactly what that is as soon as I do.

Have a fantastic day and I will talk to you soon.


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