Minimizing and Zero Waste


As far as the chicks go, I had an insane week. I checked them on Thursday afternoon and I had pulled out an egg to candle it and noticed it was really hot compared to what they had been, so I moved the thermometer to directly above the eggs and within about 20 minutes I noticed it peak to about 110 degrees. Naturally, I freak out and start moving stuff around to cool it down in there and keep the eggs from hard-boiling. It was incredibly stressful for the next 48 hours, to the point where I couldn’t sleep, was nauseous, I’m telling you it was bad!

On Friday (at about 2 am) I candled one in particular again, that I had seen moving on Tuesday, and “she” was moving again, THANK GOD! Of the four I had incubating, I checked them all and realized that one is definitely not fertile so I got rid of it and there is another I’m really not sure of. The final one is still up in the air, that is the one I thought was from my silkie pair but I’m not sure if it’s still alive. As of today it’s at day 21 and no signs of hatching.

One thing that is really trying my patience is that all of the chicks have waited until passing the 21 day incubation period. Have I mentioned that I am about the least patient person EVER??!!

So good news is, this morning at about 3 am I woke up to my alarm and came out to check on my little one, there was a chip on the top of the egg so I happily headed back to bed. There was no change until about 3 this afternoon. From there, it went by pretty quick with her hatching officially at 5:07 pm. Yes, I kept track of each step, mostly for myself since this was my first time so I don’t freak out next go-round.

I was able to post a video on Instagram with her hatching, if you’d like to watch it my username is graybushfarm. It’s really awesome to watch. I’ll post a picture of her tomorrow once she is all dry and fluffed up because yes folks, she’s a pure silkie. She’s buff and has her extra toe. I’m so happy because I thought she was the Sebright Bantam/ Silkie Mix that I put in there just to try out eggs.

Can’t wait to share her picture with you – I’ll gender check her tomorrow but we’re going to call her Rose. Hope you all have a great day!

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