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Green Thumb Thursdays – More Chicken News

This past week has been a great time to get things done around my house. Over the unexpected warm weekend, we were able to make a run to Home Depot and bought a few plants for the garden: strawberries, rosemary, and mint as well as some soil to add to the area along the side of my house where I plan on putting the watermelon and pumpkins once they are a bit larger. I also decided to buy a rose bush to add along the other side of the house to fill in a big blank space under a living room window. To say I am anxious for Spring is an understatement!

This weekend I had another chicken scare, this time regarding my darling Fluff Muffin. I went out to do my routine evening check around 9:30 pm on Saturday and found Fluff sitting on the ground rather than on the perch. These seemed only a little strange and I would have otherwise ignored it except that she had an egg below her but no sign of the shell. I then see this thing hanging off her that looked like a bit of matted hair so I brought her in the house to check her out. I grabbed the scissors and cut off the mat, no big deal right – WRONG! It was connected to a tube that was now leaking. Naturally, I freak out.

Joe helped me get her into the brooder that is currently empty and I started checking with Google to find out what it might be. One of the first things that came up was a prolapsed vent. If I wasn’t freaked out before I sure was now, but I made myself stay calm until I was able to see pictures and THANK GOD that was not at all what I was dealing with. After a few deep breaths, I finally got up the gumption to check where the tube thing was attached to her.

It turned out that she had a membrane hanging out of her vent that was attached to the tube and the mat was actually a little sack, although I didn’t cut it open to see for sure. I kept her inside overnight to make sure she wasn’t going to have any problems and returned her to the coop the following morning when she was in good spirits.

Monday I got the funniest little egg from her I couldn’t help but laugh and wanted to share it with you.


a penny, the Fluff egg from Monday, a normal sized Fluff egg, and an egg from Momma (the average size that you would buy at a grocery store)


It’s amazing how attached you can get to farm animals, even when you know that their primary purpose is consumption in one way or another. I think that if something would have happened to her, especially so soon after that whole chick ordeal a week ago, I would have all but given up on my chickens.

In other news, I was able to weed around some mystery bulbs in my front flower bed, they come up taller every year so hopefully this year I get blooms and can determine what they are! We also went out and bought a new weed-eater to clean up our new fenceline. I started by pulling the weeds along there until there were far too many Stinging Nettle plants growing up and my hands started breaking out in hives.

Of the apple seeds I started on Feb 15th, one has sprouted a nice root so I put that in a pot yesterday and hopefully it will grow a tree, even if it’s not fruit-bearing.

The four eggs that I have in the incubator are now at day 11 and are doing really well and growing nicely. One egg has established specks on it that I hadn’t seen until a couple days ago so I’ll be interested to see how that one turns out.

I bought a new cookbook over the weekend as well as my first set of cast iron pans and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am! The cookbook is by Vivian Howard and it’s called Deep Run Roots. Joe and I love watching her show on PBS, A Chef’s Life, and so when I heard the cookbook was out I ran to Barnes and Noble and picked up a copy.  The first recipe I made was of Viv’s Addiction, a smokey seasoned pecan snack and OH – EM – GEE!! SOOO tasty! I even added a small handful over a bowl of ice cream and couldn’t get over how delish it was.

Have a great weekend and hopefully you will get to enjoy some sun!


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