Green Thumb Thursday – Green Update

Just thought I would share with you an update of my garden, some of my plants along the front of my house, and my indoor plants as well because I’m pretty proud of how everything is doing.

Starting at the top and going clockwise: My pretty gazebo from my mother-in-law is loaded with herbs and seedlings that have gone crazy since coming outside; Cilantro I planted last fall (seeds) and forgot was even in that pot; Both shelves have seedlings of zucchini, watermelon, and pumpkin; Both shelves have seedlings of cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, and peppers; Both pots have mint, the smaller plant was actually one I picked up at Walmart when I got groceries about a month ago and used some but had the rest in my window; Rosemary – so pretty huh?

On my gazebo I also have my apple seed – here it is to give you an idea of how tiny it is. I might have put it outside too soon, we’ll see. It’s still green so I’m taking that as a good sign!

My garden includes strawberries, potatoes (growing in an old tire from Joe’s truck), bush beans, carrots, zucchini, onions, sugar snap peas (that I’ve already eaten from), kale, and dill.

I had planted two areas in my garden beds with sunflowers (first two pictures) but I think a tomato seed snuck in, as you can see in the first picture. The second picture has my sunflowers and a celery that I bought at the store, ate and decided to plant to see if it would grow. The third picture is of the lettuce that had been big and beautiful until I forgot to cover it when I let the chickens free-range the yard.

Around my house, I have mostly bulbs or perennial plants because I love seeing how big they get in subsequent years.

Clockwise I have lavender which was planted last year; a rose bush that I keep trimming back because it is about seven feet tall but I love that it is in front of one of my living room windows so when it blooms I can enjoy without cutting; the rose bush I planted a couple weeks ago in front of the other living room window; mystery bulb in my back yard – I love when that happens!

Clockwise: Mystery bulbs that are doing GREAT; tulips planted around the front porch, Alyssum I planted last year and was surprised how much it has spread this year; hollyhocks in a couple patches that I got from my mom’s plants (don’t mind all the weeds, here in Bakersfield we have to enjoy any type of green wherever it comes up); and my first tulip bud.

For years I merely had a Christmas cactus as my only indoor plant but a couple years ago I saw a beautiful pothos in Home Depot and could not leave without it. That baby is doing great even today. I decided a couple days ago to try to propagate a few clippings of it as it was taking over the area above my kitchen cupboards. Today I was at Walmart waiting to pick up a friend from work next door and saw the cutest little luseane plant that I have ever seen – way smaller than any my mom has ever had. Joe was all excited about it until I told him it can get upwards of four feet tall “Why would you buy something that is going to get that big?!” Ha!

What indoor plants have you had the best of luck with? Which are your favorites if you could grow anything?

My favorite has to be my Christmas cactus because I can forget to water it and it’s still happy. I love the surprise buds in the fall and winter and especially when it buds late into the spring, like it is doing for me at the moment! I think if I could grow anything I would want a lemon tree, the problem is our house is just too small for something like that.


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