Minimizing and Zero Waste


As far as the chicks go, I had an insane week. I checked them on Thursday afternoon and I had pulled out an egg to candle it and noticed it was really hot compared to what they had been, so I moved the thermometer to directly above the eggs and within about 20 minutes I… Continue reading CHICK!

Minimizing and Zero Waste

Green Thumb Thursdays – My Journey to Homesteading

So I have had a “normal” sort of life:¬†I grew up in a suburban home with a nice big yard. We lived in Wisconsin when I was little, up until I was about 10 then we moved to Colorado. In Wisconsin I would help my mom with flower beds or my grandpa with his garden… Continue reading Green Thumb Thursdays – My Journey to Homesteading

Minimizing and Zero Waste

Minimal Mondays – My Progress Part 1

To be completely honest, my initial reason go green started by my irritation to buying paper towels – WHY were we using so many of them!? So I bought some cloth napkins and cut them in quarters because they were far too big and sewed along the edges to keep them from fraying. I bought… Continue reading Minimal Mondays – My Progress Part 1

Minimizing and Zero Waste

I Gave In

So yesterday I took a load of baby related items to the second-hand baby store and anything that they wouldn’t take for any reason stayed in my car and I went back home to see if I had any other small items that I wanted to just take to the thrift store. I found a… Continue reading I Gave In

Minimizing and Zero Waste

The Declutter and Super Purge

In August I got a free 30-day trial of the Amazon Audible and was able to download two books for free as well. Now they didn’t have everything available but one thing that was that I had been wanting to read anyways was Spark Joy by Marie Kondo. In this book she talks about how… Continue reading The Declutter and Super Purge

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DIY Incubator (for $8)

As I sit down with my coffee this morning thinking of what I wanted to share with you I walk past my chick eggs incubating and it hit me – OF COURSE! So I took a few pictures and here I am. I currently have a flock of 5 chickens: 4 hens and a rooster.… Continue reading DIY Incubator (for $8)

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Book Review: The Backyard Homestead

I purchased¬†The Backyard Homestead a couple years ago when I wanted to start a garden and put chickens in our backyard. It has been one of my most referenced books that I have in my collection so I thought I would share it with you. I absolutely love this book and in fact I did… Continue reading Book Review: The Backyard Homestead